Grey : 50 nuances de zizi qui parle (30)

Le début est toujours rangé ici (on ne change pas une formule qui marche)

Résumé des épisodes précédents : Ils ont diné chez ses parent, elle a connu la fessée et les boules de Geisha, et histoire de commencer la semaine du bon pied, il lui avoir fait des cochoncetés sur son bureau. Mais, fidèle à lui-même, notre ami au priapisme galopant a gaffé comme un vulgaire navet dans la seconde qui a suivi. Moche. Du coup pendant que mademoiselle prenait sa douche, il a fait un peu de rangement, essayé de gagner son salaire, et il est maintenant prêt à aller prendre son petit déjeuner !

En avant pour la suite !

Monday, May 30, 2011
(chap. 15 – part 2)

ANA IS STANDING AT the kitchen counter talking to Mrs. Jones, who has set places for our breakfast.
“Would you like something to eat?” asks Mrs. Jones.
“No thank you,” Ana says.
Oh no you don’t.
Mais ! Et si elle a juste envie de boire un thé hein ? Despote des cuisines ! èé

“Of course you’ll have something to eat,” I growl at both of them. “She likes pancakes, bacon, and eggs, Mrs. Jones.”
“Yes, Mr. Grey. What would you like, sir?” she replies, without batting an eyelid.
En même temps, encore une fois, elle doit être comme Pepper Pots : blasée de t’avoir trouvé dans les situations les plus douteuses…

“Omelet, please, and some fruit. Sit,” I tell Ana, pointing to one of the barstools. She does, and I take a seat beside her while Mrs. Jones makes our breakfast.
“Have you bought your air ticket?” I ask.
“No, I’ll buy it when I get home, over the Internet.”
“Do you have the money?”
“Yes,” she says, as if I’m five years old, and she tosses her hair over her shoulder, flattening her lips, peeved, I think.
En même temps quand tu fais suer comme ça t’as même pas cinq ans bonhomme.

I arch an eyebrow in censure. I could always spank you again, sweetheart.
J’ai l’impression de voir un adulte faire une colère en se roulant par terre comme un sale gosse mal élevée. Ca a quelque chose de fascinant.

“Yes, I do, thank you,” she says quickly, in a more subdued tone.
That’s better.
“I have a jet. It’s not scheduled to be used for three days; it’s at your disposal.” This will be a “no.” But at least I can offer.
Her lips part in shock and her expression transforms, from stunned to impressed and exasperated in equal measure. “We’ve already made serious misuse of your company’s aviation fleet. I wouldn’t want to do it again,” she says nonchalantly.

“It’s my company, it’s my jet.”
She shakes her head. “Thank you for the offer. But I’d be happier taking a scheduled flight.”
Surely most women would jump at the opportunity of taking a private jet, but it seems material wealth really doesn’t impress this girl—or she doesn’t like to feel indebted to me.
Plutôt oui. Et quand on voit le personnage… non franchement ? elle a raison.

I’m not sure which. Either way, she’s a stubborn creature.
“As you wish.” I sigh. “Do you have much preparation to do for your interview?”
“Good.” I ask but she still won’t tell me which of the publishing houses she’s seeing. Instead she gives me a sphinxlike smile. There’s no way she’s divulging this secret.
Ben en même temps…

“I’m a man of means, Miss Steele.”
… tu as déjà prouvé que tu étais un dangereux stalker donc mois elle en dit mieux c’est.

“I’m fully aware of that, Mr. Grey. Are you going to track my phone?”

Trust her to remember that. “Actually, I’ll be quite busy this afternoon, so I’ll have to get someone else to do it,” I answer, smirking.
“If you can spare someone to do that, you’re obviously overstaffed.”
Oh, she’s sassy today.
Non, juste réaliste, rien de plus.

“I’ll send an e-mail to the head of human resources and have her look into our head count.” This is what I like: our banter. It’s refreshing and fun, and unlike anything I’ve known before.
Bah… oui de suite hein… quand en face de toi t’as une personne et pas un ersatz de poupée gonflable…

Mrs. Jones serves us breakfast, and I’m pleased to see Ana relishing her food. When Mrs. Jones leaves the kitchen Ana peers up at me.
“What is it, Anastasia?”
“You know, you never did tell me why you don’t like to be touched.”
Not this again!
AH ! Qu’est-ce que tu crois, ça a de la mémoire la chlorophylle !

“I’ve told you more than I’ve ever told anybody.” My voice is low to conceal my frustration. Why does she persist with these questions?
Parce que contrairement à quelqu’un que nous ne citerons pas, elle s’intéresse à autre chose que ton appareil uro-génital.

She eats another couple of mouthfuls of her pancakes.
“Will you think about our arrangement while you’re away?” I ask.
“Yes.” She’s earnest.
“Will you miss me?”

She turns to face me, as surprised as I am by the question. “Yes,” she says after a moment, her expression open and honest. I was expecting a smart remark, yet I get the truth. And strangely, I find her admission comforting.
Je pourrais dire que c’est mignon si c’était pas si relou. Parce que même le barbare le plus bas de plafond dans de la fantasy sait de quoi il est question quand il aime quelqu’un. Ca lui prend un peu de temps mais il finit par le savoir. Contrairement à lui.

“I’ll miss you, too,” I mutter. “More than you know.” My apartment will be a little quieter without her, and a little emptier. I stroke her cheek and kiss her. She gives me a sweet smile before returning to her breakfast.
“I’ll brush my teeth, then I should go,” she announces, once she’s finished.
“So soon. I thought you might stay longer.”
She’s taken aback. Did she think I’d kick her out?
Ben… tu n’as quand même de cesse d’expliquer que tu veux juste de la baise donc bon… faut comprendre son point de vue aussi !

“I’ve prevailed upon you and taken up your time for long enough, Mr. Grey. Besides, don’t you have an empire to run?”
“I can play hooky.” Hope swells in my chest and my voice. And I’ve just cleared my morning.
“I have to prep for my interviews. And get changed.” She eyes me warily.
“You look great.”
“Why, thank you, Sir,” she says graciously. But her cheeks are coloring their familiar rosy pink, like her ass last night. She’s embarrassed. When will she learn to take a compliment?
Peut-être jamais ? Parce qu’elle est timide et que c’est compliqué quand on l’est ? QUEL BOULET CE TYPE ! èé

Rising, she takes her plate to the sink.
“Leave that. Mrs. Jones will do it.”
“Okay. I’m just going to brush my teeth.”
“Please feel free to use my toothbrush,” I offer, with sarcasm.
“I had every intention of doing so,”
Ce manque d’hygiène manifeste sous couvert de mignonerie est infecte.

she says, and sashays out of the room. That woman has an answer for everything.
She returns a few moments later with her purse.
“Don’t forget to take your BlackBerry, your Mac, and your chargers to Georgia.”
“Yes, Sir,” she says obediently.
Good girl.

“Come.” I lead her to the elevator and step in with her.
“You don’t have to come down. I can see myself to my car.”
“It’s all part of the service,” I quip ironically. “Besides, I can kiss you all the way down.” I fold her into my arms and do just that, enjoying her taste and her tongue and giving her a proper good-bye.
We’re both aroused and breathless by the time the doors open on the garage level. But she’s leaving. I take her to her car and open the driver’s door for her, ignoring my need.

“Good-bye, for now, Sir,” she whispers, and kisses me once more.
“Drive safely, Anastasia. And safe travels.” I close her door, stand back, and watch her leave. Then I head upstairs.
I knock on Taylor’s study door and let him know that I’d like to go to the office in ten minutes. “I’ll have the car waiting, sir.”
Ou comment passer pour une girouette auprès de ses employés ^^;

“Mr. Grey,” he rasps.
“Welch. Anastasia Steele is buying an airline ticket today, leaving Seattle tonight for Savannah. I’d like to know which flight she’s on.”
Et l’oscar du mec le plus creepy de l’univers revient ààààà…. (Ce suspens est in soutenable !!) (non)

“Does she have an airline preference?”
“I’m afraid I don’t know.”
“I’ll see what I can do.”
I hang up. My cunning plan is falling into place.

“MR. GREY!” ANDREA IS startled at my appearance several hours early. I want to tell her that I do fucking work here, but I decide to behave.
C’est ça oui, décide donc d’être AIMABLE pour une fois. C’est à peu près normal pour tout le monde mais c’est vrai que pour toi ça tient de l’exploit olympique -_-

“I thought I’d surprise you.”
“Coffee?” she chirps.
“With or without milk?”
Good girl.
BIGRE ! Il va me falloir un autre caniche d’illustration alors ? Oo

“With. Steamed milk.”
“Yes, Mr. Grey.”
“Try Caroline Acton. I’d like to speak to her right away.”
“Of course.”
“And make an appointment for me to see Flynn, next week.”
C’est ça va donc voir ce charmant monsieur dont l’efficacité n’est pour l’instant, pas du tout démontrée.

She nods and sits down to work. At my desk, I switch on my computer.
The first e-mail in my inbox is from Elena.
AH ! Notre seigneur sith de la glauquitude entre un peu plus en action !

From: Elena Lincoln
Subject: The Weekend
Date: May 30 2011, 10:15
To: Christian Grey

Christian, what gives?
Your mother told me you took a young woman to dinner yesterday.
I’m intrigued. It’s so not your style.
You’ve found a new submissive?
Call me.

For The Beauty That Is You™

That’s all I need.
Aaaaah tu vois comment ça fait quand quelqu’un te court après et fouille dans ta vie sans te demander ton avis ? HEIN ? èé

I close her e-mail, resolving to ignore it for now. Olivia knocks and enters with my coffee as Andrea buzzes my phone.
“I have Welch for you, and I’ve left a message for Ms. Acton,” Andrea announces.
“Good. Put him through.”
Olivia places the latte on my desk and exits flustered. I do my best to ignore her.
En même temps ignorer les gens qui ne t’intéresse pas n’est pas un exercice très compliqué pour toi si je puis me permettre

“No airline tickets purchased as yet, Mr. Grey. But I’ll monitor the situation and inform you, should that change.”
“Please do.”
He hangs up. I take a sip of coffee and dial Ros.
Mon dieu que c’est tout simplement affligeant de glauque, de malsain et de toutes sortes de trucs vraiment pas classe du tout ôô


JUST BEFORE LUNCH ANDREA puts Caroline Acton through. “Mr. Grey, how lovely to hear from you. What can I do for you?”
“Hello, Ms. Acton. I’d like the usual.”
“The capsule wardrobe? Do you have a color palette in mind?”
“Blues and greens. Silver maybe, for a formal event.” The Chamber of Commerce dinner springs to mind. “Gem colors, I think.” “Nice,” Ms. Acton responds with her usual enthusiasm.
Ben tiens, tu vas en claquer pour des fortunes en fringues et chaussures et elle touche sa comm’, bien sûr qu’elle est enthousiaste !

“And satin and silk underwear and nightwear. Something glamorous.”

“Yes, sir. Do you have a budget in mind?”
“No budget. Go all-out. I want everything high-end.”

“Shoes, too?”
“Great. Sizes?”
“I’ll e-mail you. I have your address from last time.”
“When would you like delivery?”
“This Friday.”
“I’m sure I can do that. Would you like to see photographs of my choices?”
“Great. I’ll get on it.”
Comme si elle allait dire autre chose, franchement

“Thank you.” I hang up and Andrea puts Welch through.
“Miss Steele is traveling on DL2610 to Atlanta, departing at 22:25 this evening.”

I jot down all the details of her flights and connection into Savannah. I summon Andrea, who enters moments later, carrying her notebook.
“Andrea, Anastasia Steele is traveling on these flights. Upgrade her to first class, check her in, and pay for her to enter the first-class lounge. And buy the seat beside her on all flights, there and back. Use my personal credit card.” Andrea’s puzzled look tells me that she thinks I’ve taken leave of my senses, but she recovers quickly and accepts my hand-scribbled note.
“Will do, Mr. Grey.” She’s trying her best to keep it professional, but I catch her smiling.
This is none of her business.
Non mais c’est quand même assez étrange pour qu’elle soit interpellée et on la comprend très bien d’ailleurs ! 


MY AFTERNOON IS SPENT in meetings. Marco has prepared preliminary reports on the four publishing houses based in Seattle. I set them aside to read later. He’s also in agreement with me about Woods and his company. This is going to get ugly, but having looked at the synergies, the only way forward is to absorb Woods’s tech division and liquidate the rest of his company. It’s going to be expensive, but it’s best for GEH.
A croire que ce garçon aime avoir des problèmes quand on l’entend parler. Et en même on retrouve toujours cet humanisme profond et cette grande compassion pour ses semblables aussi… (non)

In the late afternoon I manage to have a quick and strenuous workout with Bastille, so I’m calm and relaxed when I head home.
RHAA !! Je n’ai toujours pas regardé ces [biiiiiip] de fics ! *va voir de suite* Donc apparemment si : il y a des fics Christian/Bastille sur FFnet au moins (mais je ne connais pas leur nouveau de relationnel dedans, je n‘ai pas été lire) (je ne pousse pas la recherche jusque-là)

After a light supper I sit down to read at my desk. First order of the evening is to reply to Elena. But when I open my e-mails, there’s one from Ana. She hasn’t been far from my thoughts all day.
Sans blague ??? -___-

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Interviews
Date: May 30 2011 18:49
To: Christian Grey

Dear Sir,
My interviews went well today.

Thought you might be interested.

How was your day?


I type my response immediately.
Amusant comme le mail d’Elena a été très vite zappé pour le coup ^^ ;

From: Christian Grey
Subject: My Day
Date: May 30 2011 19:03
To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Miss Steele,

Everything you do interests me. You are the most fascinating woman I know.

I’m glad your interviews went well.

My morning was beyond all expectations.

My afternoon was very dull in comparison.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

I sit back and rub my chin, waiting.
On dirait une sorte de grinch moderne mais qui ne s’en prendrait pas à noël. Ou juste un méchant de mauvais film hongkongais des années 60

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Fine Morning
Date: May 30 2011 19:05
To: Christian Grey

Dear Sir,
The morning was exemplary for me, too, in spite of you weirding out on me after the impeccable desk sex. Don’t think I didn’t notice.
Eeeeuh c’est surtout toi qui as fait ta neuneu à base de « HAN ! Il en a baisé d’autres sur le bureau avant moi ! Scandale ! »

Thank you for breakfast. Or thank Mrs. Jones.

I’d like to ask you questions about her—without you weirding out on me again.


Weirding? What on earth does she mean by that? Is she saying I’m weird?
Maaaaiiis… t’es un boulet ou bien ?

Well, I am, I suppose. Maybe. Perhaps she’s realized how surprised I was when she jumped me—and no one’s done that for a long time.
“Impeccable”… I’ll take that.
Ah ben oui de suite c’est plus flatteur qu’un simple « nice » c’est sûr ^^;

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Publishing and You?
Date: May 30 2011 19:10
To: Anastasia Steele

“Weirding” is not a verb and should not be used by anyone who wants to go into publishing.
Mais quel chiant !!! (j’ai failli rajouter « ce nain » mais ça n’aurait pas collé dans le contexte XD)

Impeccable? Compared to what, pray tell?
A tes précédentes performances, espèce de porc-épic mal embouché !

And what do you need to ask about Mrs. Jones? I’m intrigued.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: You and Mrs. Jones
Date: May 30 2011 19:17
To: Christian Grey

Dear Sir,
Language evolves and moves on. It is an organic thing. It is not stuck in an ivory tower, hung with expensive works of art and overlooking most of Seattle with a helipad stuck on its roof.
Hu hu hu hu… notre petit nénunu se rebelle XD

Impeccable—compared to the other times we have…what’s your word…oh yes…fucked. Actually, the fucking has been pretty impeccable, period, in my humble opinion—but then, as you know, I have very limited experience.

Is Mrs. Jones an ex-sub of yours?


Her response makes me laugh out loud, then shocks me.
Mrs. Jones! Submissive?
No way.
Ben on sait pas après tout !

Ana. Are you jealous?
Non, elle est juste curieuse pour le moment

And speaking of language…watch yours!
Elle ne fait que reprendre tes propres mots, renoncule à roulettes !

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Language. Watch Your Mouth!
Date: May 30 2011 19:22
To: Anastasia Steele

Mrs. Jones is a valued employee. I have never had any relationship with her beyond our professional one. I do not employ anyone I’ve had any sexual relations with.
Mouais. J’aimerais des preuves quand même…

I am shocked that you would think so. The only person I would make an exception to this rule is you—because you are a bright young woman with remarkable negotiating skills.
C’est ça oui, parce qu’elle négocie bien, mais bien sûr…

Though, if you continue to use such language, I may have to reconsider taking you on here. I am glad you have limited experience. Your experience will continue to be limited—just to me.

I shall take “impeccable” as a compliment—though with you, I’m never sure if that’s what you mean or if your sense of irony is getting the better of you—as usual.
Hé hé hé hé peut d’être jugé sur vos performances petit monsieur ? ^w^

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc., from His Ivory Tower

Though perhaps it might not be a good idea for Ana to work for me.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Not for All the Tea in China
Date: May 30 2011 19:27
To: Christian Grey

Dear Mr. Grey,
I think I have already expressed my reservations about working for your company.
Sage décision pour une fois…

My views on this have not changed, are not changing, and will not change, ever. I must leave you now, as Kate has returned with food. My sense of irony and I bid you good night.

I will contact you once I’m in Georgia.
Ce n’est pas une bonne idée mais sa chlorophylle doit être basse, c’est pour ça


For some reason I’m mildly irritated to hear that she wouldn’t want to work for me.
Faut savoir : tu veux qu’elle bosse pour toi ou non à la fin ???

She has an impressive GPA. She’s bright, charming, funny; she’d be an asset to any company. She’s also wise to say no.
L’inconstance de ce type a quelque chose de tout à fait fascinant -___-

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Even Twinings English Breakfast Tea?
Date: May 30 2011 19:29
To: Anastasia Steele

Good night, Anastasia.
I hope you and your sense of irony have a safe flight.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

I put all thoughts of Miss Steele aside and start on a response to Elena.
Ah ! Quand même on s’en souvient finalement de celle-là XD

From: Christian Grey
Subject: The Weekend
Date: May 30 2011, 19:47
To: Elena Lincoln

Hello, Elena.
My mother has a big mouth. What can I say?
I met a girl. Brought her to dinner.
It’s not a big deal.
How goes it with you?

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

From: Elena Lincoln
Subject: The Weekend
Date: May 30 2011, 19:50
To: Christian Grey

Christian, that’s bullshit.
Let’s do dinner.
Elle est aussi charmante que lui. De là à savoir si elle a déteint ou si elle n’a fait que cultiver un talent naturel…


For The Beauty That Is You™


From: Christian Grey
Subject: The Weekend
Date: May 30 2011, 20:01
To: Elena Lincoln



Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
C’est magique le gagnage de place/de mot gratos fait avec ces échanges de mail. Je suis admirative quelque part…

From: Elena Lincoln
Subject: The Weekend
Date: May 30 2011, 20:05
To: Christian Grey

Do you want to meet the girl I mentioned?

For The Beauty That Is You™

Not at the moment.
Ben non il en a déjà une sous le coude alors…

From: Christian Grey
Subject: The Weekend
Date: May 30 2011, 20:11
To: Elena Lincoln

I think I’ll let the arrangement I have now run its course.
See you tomorrow.


Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
Mais même dans le guide du grugeur intergalactique pendant le NaNo, Y AVAIT PAS CE GENRE DE TRUC ! /°o°\

I sit down to read Fred’s draft proposal for Eamon Kavanagh, then move on to Marco’s summary of the publishing houses in Seattle.
Voilà. Redeviens le stalker des marais que l’on connait di bien, des fois qu’on oublie ce que tu es en réalité…

JUST BEFORE 10:00 I’M distracted by a ping from my computer. It’s late. I assume it’s a message from Ana.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Over-Extravagant Gestures
Date: May 30 2011 21:53
To: Christian Grey

Dear Mr. Grey,
What really alarms me is how you knew which flight I was on.
Voilà. Mais si ça t’alarmes tant que ça, POURQUOI tu restes ? Je veux dire… POURQUOI ???

Your stalking knows no bounds. Let’s hope that Dr. Flynn is back from vacation.
Oui ben celui-là, pour ce qu’il est efficace, franchement…

I have had a manicure, a back massage, and two glasses of champagne—a very nice start to my vacation.

Thank you.


She’s been upgraded. Well done, Andrea.
Ben c’est que tu avais demandé non ? Pourquoi t’es surpris ? Oo

From: Christian Grey
Subject: You’re Most Welcome
Date: May 30 2011 21:59
To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Miss Steele,
Dr. Flynn is back, and I have an appointment next week.
Espérons qu’il servira à quelque chose !

Who was massaging your back?

Christian Grey
CEO with friends in the right places,
Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

I check the time of her e-mail. She should be on board right now, if her plane is on time. I quickly open Google and check departures from Sea-Tac.
Her flight is on schedule.
…. La facilité de ce mec à poursuivre les gens me laisse tout à fait pantoise ôô

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Strong Able Hands
Date: May 30 2011 22:22
To: Christian Grey

Dear Sir,
A very pleasant young man massaged my back.

Yes. Very pleasant indeed. I wouldn’t have encountered Jean-Paul in the ordinary departure lounge—so thank you again for that treat.

What the hell?

I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed to e-mail once we take off, and I need my beauty sleep since I’ve not been sleeping so well recently.

Pleasant dreams, Mr. Grey…thinking of you.


Is she trying to make me jealous?
A ton avis, espèce d’amiral de bateau-lavoir !!! Mais ce n’est pas Dieu possible d’être aussi bête ! >.<

Does she have any idea how mad I can get?
Non, sinon elle aurait fui depuis longtemps

She’s been one for a few hours, and she’s deliberately making me angry. Why does she do this to me?
Parce qu’elle est totalement inconsciente qu’elle sort avec un parfait psycopathe

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Enjoy It While You Can
Date: May 30 2011 22:25
To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Miss Steele,
I know what you’re trying to do—and trust me, you’ve succeeded. Next time you’ll be in the cargo hold, bound and gagged in a crate.
Ah. Ah. Ah. C’est tellement spirituel.

Believe me when I say that attending to you in that state will give me so much more pleasure than merely upgrading your ticket.

I look forward to your return.

Christian Grey
Palm-Twitching CEO,
Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

Her response is almost immediate.
En même temps tu menacerais de lui ouvrir le ventre pour lire dans ses entrailles tu ne ferais pas plus peur hein :-/

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Joking?
Date: May 30 2011 22:30
To: Christian Grey

You see—I have no idea if you’re joking—and if you’re not, then I think I’ll stay in Georgia.

Crates are a hard limit for me. Sorry I made you mad. Tell me you forgive me.


Of course I’m joking…sort of.

At least she knows I’m mad. Her plane should be taking off. How is she e-mailing?

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Joking
Date: May 30 2011 22:31
To: Anastasia Steele

How can you be e-mailing? Are you risking the life of everyone on board, including yourself, by using your BlackBerry? I think that contravenes one of the rules.
C’est ça oui, change de sujet va…

Christian Grey
Two-Palms-Twitching CEO,
Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

And we know what happens if you contravene the rules, Miss Steele.
I check the Sea-Tac website for flight departures; her plane has left. I won’t be hearing from her for a while. That thought, as well as her little e-mail stunt, has put me in a foul mood.
Oh ben tiens, ça fait au moins… houlà ! 10 pages que t’étais de bonne humeur c’était trop !

Abandoning my work, I head into the kitchen and decide to pour myself a drink, tonight Armagnac.
Taylor pops his head around the entrance to the living room.
“Not now,” I bark.
Quand on vous dit qu’il est charmant ce garçon -__-

“Very good, sir,” he says, and heads back to wherever he came from.
Don’t take your mood out on the staff, Grey.
Oui, ça serait pas mal en effet…

Annoyed at myself, I walk toward the windows and stare out at the Seattle skyline. I wonder how she’s gotten under my skin, and why our relationship is not progressing in the direction I would like. I’m hoping that once she’s had a chance to reflect in Georgia, she’ll make the right decision. Won’t she?
Ben de toute façon tu la sautes déjà non ? C’est tout ce qui t’intéressait depuis le départ non ?

Anxiety blooms in my chest. I take another slug of my drink and sit down at my piano to play.
Voilà fais donc ça, ça évitera de t’en prendre à des gens qui globalement n’ont rien fait de mal -_-

Notre nénuphar va-t-elle rester avec sa mère pour éviter notre stalker des buildings ? Et le priapique des marais, va-t-il laisser notre nénunu en paix ou bien va-t-il lui déguster le foie avec un délicieux Chianti ? A suivre dans le prochain épisode !



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